Employers have rights too you know…..

A union representative visited a regionally based business recently demanding access to all employees and insisting all HR and payroll records be made available immediately!  The business, already a client of the HR Help Desk, rang for guidance on what they could and couldn’t do when it comes to union right of entry.  Our advisors reminded the owner of the union’s legal responsibilities and processes that it must follow.  We explained the avenues available to the union should they wish to meet with the employees.  The union representative, seeing that his bullying and intimidating style was not going to work then attempted to stop production.  The owners remained calm, talked to the employees and notified the police.  The Help Desk allowed the owner to get immediate answers and guidance so that they could stay in control and not be intimidated.  Epilogue: the union never did return to talk to the employees and the union representative who attempted to stop production will be required to explain his actions to a magistrate.


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    Employers have rights too you know……..

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